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Your fur baby patients deserves the longest and healthiest life.

Receive FREE access to module #1 of my revolutionary training, The Integrative Vet Medicine Course!

The Integrative Veterinary Medicine Course

This Course Covers....

Expand Your Diagnostic Toolkit

Explore diagnostics beyond CBC, chemistry,

urinalysis and x-rays.

Working With The Body's Biology

Learn how to turn on/off metabolic pathways

that deal with health and longevity.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a mitochondrial dysfunction.

Learn how to repair and enhance cellular communication, allowing the body to heal.

Provide More Options

No longer need to tell clients “There is nothing more we can do.” There's always something to offer, especially quality of life.

Traditional training focuses on naming and blaming then providing a pharmaceutical or surgery to treat the symptom. Integrative medicine focuses on treating the root cause of the dis-ease.

This training will expand your knowledge to discover real solutions...

Once you experience the valuable content from this free module, you will want the rest of the course. This course will change your life and your patients' life! 😉

It was my quest to heal Lilly, that took me into holistic/integrative medicine.